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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I think we finally have the Frolic booth organized. Kind of. I finished my list of garments today and we have 21. 23. 25. I don't have enough mannequins! We didn't have enough grid either so I made a trip to Brantford today to pick some up. It was awesome being out on a sunny day. The grid are in storage along with the first 6 boxes that are packed.

I'm putting this in my post because I know that Jennifer reads the blog and I don't have her email. I just found your sunglasses in a basket of yarn.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a box from Prism this morning.

Saki in Titanium-a very light denim/grey colour. It is awesome and the colour is screaming SHAWL. From Laura Bryant (one of the top yarn dyers in North America)
  • Content: 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
  • Put-up: 3.5oz / 440yds
  • Gauge: 6 1/2sts = 1" (#3)
We searched high and low for this excellent sock yarn. Fine super wash merino is intimately blended with nylon for strength, resilience, color retention and wearability--not to mention washability! One skein makes a generous pair of socks. Saki is also excellent for any light-weight projects, especially skirts! Need we say more?
There was also lots of Stuff and Plume.

I didn't get any pictures of my knitting at the store so I took a friend home. After another issue on Windward last night (I switched to knit part way through a purl row so I had to take out some stitches) I'm back on track. There are stitches over her shoulder and a stitch marker at her shoulder. On the right side rows I am decreasing before and after the marker that will fill in the stitches. The construction of the scarf is very interesting and fun to do. Not too hard but you do have to pay attention.

It doesn't look like anymore has been done on Shadow but on the picture the other day the black was at 2". Now it's at 6".

The dogs love rolling around in the grass. This led to them running laps and then a bit of fighting-which is more like playing to them but if you saw them you would think they didn't like each other.

The Jays are on TV until Survivor starts. Who is going home tonight??

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