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Friday, February 22, 2013

Knitting Camp

I've been up for hours and it's only 9am. I have my decaf from Tim's and am sitting down to work on the Camp brochure. It is on my old computer so I'm working on two laptops at once.

I think it is done. Just needs to be proofread. The classes this year are great. Josh is going to be teaching design classes. Fiona has three new classes for us-one on necklines and two on cables. Beth will be teaching yarn dying again.

An email came in from Namaste this morning while I was working.
We have them on order already. When I went to TNNA I used the Devin wristlet in my bag to hold all my medication. The Jemma pouch was great for holding all my change. There are many uses for both.

The Lonely Tree Shawl is growing. I have 14 rows to go and then the edging. There is lots of yarn left so I think I'm going to add in another chart to make the shawl bigger.

We had a great time at the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association dinner last night. Our cousins were there who we haven't seen in a while so it was good catching up.
This is the picture of my Opa that will hang on the wall with the rest of the inductees into the Hall of Fame. Many stories were told about him-some that I haven't heard before.

If you live in Ancaster, don't forget that tomorrow is the annual food drive. Last year they collected 80,000 pounds of food. You can leave donations on your front porch and volunteers will be out picking them up between 9am and 2pm.


Lois Evensen said...

I love the lonely tree shawl. Gorgeous! It looks so soft.

Irene said...

What an exciting event, Your Opa portrait is great. Love the shawl. Wish I could knit, would love to go to camp.