Friday, November 09, 2012

Did I or didn't I??

Last night after work Beth and I went out for dinner. We got home and I was knitting for about half an hour when I started thinking about the small space heater in the store. Did I unplug it?? When I leave I put it in the doorway so that I can see it when I lock the door. This way I know it is unplugged and we don't have to worry about a fire. That would make a small mess. :) I thought I unplugged it but I couldn't remember seeing it. We got in the car (Beth came so I wasn't going by myself) and sure enough it was in the doorway. It wasn't the first time that I have had to go back to the store to make sure something was done. I have been known to get up at 3am and drive over to make sure the door was lucked. Funny thing-it always is.

I finished my experiment.

Yarn: 2 balls of Trendsetter Rendezvous
Needles: 8mm 80cm circular

I cast on 160 stitches and knit every row.

In this picture I have it doubled over.
Here I have wrapped it around 3 times.

Now that I am finished I have another suggestion for a pattern. Cast on 55 stitches on 8mm, 40cm circular and knit every row. This will make a tighter neck cowl.

You can also use Romano Chunky from King Cole. The yarns are identical.
Lots of beautiful colours and it is really soft.

This afternoon I placed an order for sock yarn. 19 colours of Everlasting Sock from Dream in Color. I don't know what made me go to their website but when I got there the colours made me order.
With its distinctive multi-ply construction and smooth twist, this base provides the ideal canvas for our vibrant, subtly-layered colors. The fiber content, combined with our unique dyeing process — developed especially for the Everlasting bases — gives Everlasting Sock its deep and lushly-shaded tones. Knitted at a firmer gauge, this yarn forms a dense and hard-wearing fabric that’s perfect for socks and cold weather accessories, while knitting at a looser gauge yields a fabric with sensational softness and drape.
100% superwash merino wool
100 g & 420 yds.
7.5 – 9 sts per inch
U.S. 0 to 2 needles
I don't think these will be here until the beginning of December but maybe Santa will help them dye the yarn and it will arrive sooner.

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