Tuesday, October 09, 2012

March To The Top

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from our Uncle Mark about our cousin Adam. Adam is in Nepal and will be taking part in an expedition. He is working for CBC as the second expedition cameraman for an upcoming documentary called March to the Top.
Commissioned by documentary and CBC, MARCH TO THE TOP is a compelling and emotional documentary highlighting the challenges faced by 12 wounded and ill Canadian vets as they struggle to the 20,305 ft. high summit of Island Peak, a mountain near Everest in the Himalayas. Viewers are with the soldiers every step of the way as they train in the Canadian Rockies, arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, and set out for the month-long trek up to Everest base camp, finally attempting to summit Island Peak itself.
Here is a link to the website. 

What an amazing experience. We can't wait to see more pictures!

Recently I showed you a picture of a jacket knit in Naturally Drift. The picture didn't show well so I asked Kim to put on the jacket today and we went outside to get pictures. She was very excited about the pockets.

A bonus was that she was wearing her Mohair Bias Loop knit in one ball of Filatura di Crosa Superior.

70% cashmere
25% silk
5% merino

It is very soft and there are new colours for fall.
All seams are done with a three needle bind off. This is perfect if you don't like to sew.

Kim and I made a mess in the store today. There are boxes full of yarn and kits for the Woodstock Fleece Festival this Saturday. Now I just need to finish my projects in time for the show.


Linda in Waterloo said...

Very nice - cowl and jacket!

Lois Evensen said...

The March to the Top sounds like a fantastic project. I, too, hope to see more pictures. That is the sort of thing that we might see on National Geographic down here....

I, too, like the three needle bind off and always at least use it on shoulders for a flat seam.

ana said...

hi julie,

thanks for being so helpful today. my friend and i came in (i'm the one who knocked over your display -- eep!). lovely shop you have, it was my first visit. please let me know if you're ok with me mentioning your store on my blog. so happy to see you have a blog too, will be following along.

take care!

Julie said...

Ana-it was great meeting you today. Please mention us on your blog. :)

ana said...

thanks julie, i'll let you know when it's up. did you say you were going to be at an upcoming show? when/where is it again? i can mention that too. also, let me know if you've written about or can direct me to the history of the building of your shop. it's lovely and i'm curious what it used to be. :)