Friday, October 19, 2012


Last night I spent some time on Ravelry looking at patterns when I should have been knitting. There are a lot of patterns (I don't think you could actually go through them all there are so many) so I cheat. I let my friends find the newest and coolest patterns. What are friends for?

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A few of my friends had favourited these one and I just bought the patterns.

Adiri by Julia Trice
There is a great size range available for the pattern.
The pattern has both written and charted instructions. This keeps everyone happy.
I just briefly read through the pattern but what I see looks good. When you start decreasing Julia puts in how many stitches you should end up with and how many rows you should have completed. This keeps you on track with your shaping.

The pattern uses a combination of cables and lace to create an overall pattern that is complex in texture, yet surprisingly easy to work.
The pattern is suitable for advanced beginner lace and cable knitters. Please see specific required skills below. Instructions are both written and charted, and a detailed schematic is included. The pattern has been professionally tech edited to reduce the possibility for error, but if you have questions or believe that you have found an error, please contact me.
required skills 
knitting in the round (body) 
seaming, including set in sleeve seams 
picking up stitches along an edge (collar) 
increasing (m1) 
decreasing (ssk, k2tog) 
lace knitting (p2tog, yo) 
The body is worked circularly from the bottom up to the armholes, and then divided into front and back pieces, which are worked flat separately. The shoulders are joined, and stitches are picked up around the neckline to work the collar circularly. The sleeves are worked flat separately, and then set into the body. Finally, the sides and sleeves are seamed.
See all the information on Ravelry

I sent a message to Julia last night and she gave me permission to use her pictures. And it gets better. There is a matching cowl.

Adiri Cowl-see the details on Ravelry

I'm thinking tosh vintage for the sweater and cowl. Now the debate begins. Lynda needs something to knit-do I send her the cowl or make it myself? I'm going to think about it this afternoon. There are four new colours of vintage on the way to us (in boxes that the US Postal Service says have left Chicago but that is as far as the tracking shows) so maybe I want to wait for one of them??

Then I got to work and walked by the tosh pashmina worsted. Wicked is calling my name. Now there is a debate raging in my head. :)

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Goose said...

I love the cowl and jumper! Let us know which colour wool you ended up going for in the end :)