Monday, August 27, 2012

My feet are sore

It was a wild and crazy day at the Tent Sale. We saw a lot of knitters/crocheters today.
We are in the Hepworth Room. It really isn't important but Harold Hepworth was a neighbour of my dad's when he was a kid.
 While Cathy and I were setting up. The room looked very empty.
 This is the crowds around 3:20.
When the doors opened there were a lot of people in the room. We had a steady stream until closing. A lot of yarn walked out which is a win/win situation for everyone. I wanted the yarn gone and the knitters/crocheters got yarn at great prices.

I'm home now, the dogs are fed and I'm just waiting for Beth to get dinner. My body is ready for a rest. I think the other ladies were ready to go home as well. Thanks to Cathy, Jane, Stephanie, Sally, Kim and Beth for their help.

We have more yarn for tomorrow.

Now the really good news. Cathy was away the last two weeks while we were getting everything ready for the sale. In her cleaning craziness while I was in Myrtle Beach she put some yarn away for the Tent Sale. I didn't know this until this afternoon. She made a comment - where was yarn XYZ, ABC and JKL that I had boxed in the basement? What was she talking about? I'm stopping at the store on my way to the Tent Sale in the morning to pick up these boxes. Then I talked to my dad. There are a few more boxes of yarn in the storage unit. We thought these were my mom's but they aren't-they are mine.

It's time to eat dinner and then a bit of TV to wind down. A new season of Top Chef Masters starts tonight.

The store is open 10-5:30 tomorrow and the Tent Sale from noon-8.

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knitty_kat said...

Bahaha! Last tent sale you got me in the line up picture, this time I'm the one with the teal purse rooting through the box.

It's always nice to see you! I hope the sale went well for you!