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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!

I spent my day golfing in a little tournament with Beth and some of the ladies from her course. I wasn't on Beth's team-unfortunately because Beth's team won. They must have cheated. :) It was very hot on the course and I came home with a migraine. I'm going to write about a few things we received this week and then head to bed. A little nap and I will be feeling much better.

New colours of Bearfoot from Mountain Colors

From the left
-Big Sky
-Blooming Gale
-Evening Star

60% superwash wool
25% mohair
15% nylon

400 yards on a 100gram skein

From the Mountain Colors website
Our soft, strong, and washable yarn. Perfect for socks and great for other projects.
We have new bags too. These are from a company called Paper Thinks.

• 100% recycled leather

• shoulder bags with open top

• interior slide pocket which to store phone

• metal magnet closure

• cotton lining in colors

• 22 cm ( 8.5") drop length

• With its simple design,the tote bag is the quintessence of stylish minimalism.

• 26cm X 42cm X 16cm

With my shipment of bags came some information
Recycled Leather is produced in a similar way to Recycled Paper
It is made out of Leather Scraps from the wastage of other Leather manufacturing processes. These scraps are ground into a fine pulp, mixed with water and other binding ingredients, and then formed into sheets. The sheets are then mechanically processed for size, colour and texture.
Our Recycled Leather is made from 100% Leather Fibres with no paper, wood or other fillers. This helps to give it the aroma, look and feel of natural leather.
All our products are certified by SGS, have been awarded Green Mark Certification and are free from harmful chemicals. 
We have bags in Fuchsia, Tangerine Orange and Violet. There are iPad cases in these colours as well.

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Wannietta said...

The bags sound totally cool - do they really look & smell like leather?