Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clue #2

I have started writing this post many times and keep deleting it. So much so that I didn't end up posting yesterday. There isn't much to tell. We are having a great time. Beth and I golfed yesterday afternoon with some friends from Canada who happened to be here the same week as us. Golf was very slow and when we got home I barbecued steak and potatoes. It was time to see if the barbecue actually worked. This was the first meal we cooked in the house. This morning we golfed with my dad's Saturday morning golf group. That started way to early. They had a 7am tee time.

My knitting is sitting on coffee table in the living room with no progress. Clue #2 arrived yesterday morning (clue #1 isn't finished yet) so I will have lots of knitting to get done when we get home. I'm not sure why I brought two projects-between golfing and being tourists there wasn't time to knit. I decided to leave the second project here-the Christel Seyfarth shawl is in my closet so I know that I always have a knitting project here.

It is a lot later on Saturday night and we just got home from Pirates Voyage. It is a new show in town-kind of like Medieval Times but it is a pirate show. 

There are sea lions in the show and they
bring them out before the show to do
some tricks.
We had tickets to the 6pm show but the doors open at 4:30 for the pre show. This really means coming early, shopping, having your kids faces painted like pirates and having a drink. 
I took a picture of one of the pirate
ships as we were leaving. You can't
take pictures during the show.
We were afraid that it was going to be really cheesy but once we sat down to the show it was really good. There were many parts like a Cirque du Soliel show which means I would recommend going to see it especially if you have kids. The food was good (and hot)-soup, biscuit, chicken, mashed potatoes, pulled pork and apple turnover. 

We are packing for the drive home tomorrow. Hopefully we will be on the road before noon and will drive until 8 or 9pm. Monday will be a light driving day. It is sad to be leaving. It seems like we just got here. Many things did not get accomplished which means I will have to come back. Twist my arm. :)


Linda in Waterloo said...

Wow - you did just get there! Anyway, you know you're doing things right when you just cooked your first meal in house.

Lois Evensen said...

Looks like you are on a fun trip!

Happy Sunday,