Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kate is in the house

Kate Atherley (aka wisehilda) is here today teaching.

This morning was the Baby Surprise Jacket. The ladies worked on a miniature size so that they could get most of the way through the jacket.
Kate's lunch. Not really. Beth came and brought lunch for Kate and I. These are the treats that Beth bought for Kate last night. We need to keep her energy up for a long day of teaching.
I took some pictures as the ladies were working.

Working with Noro always makes the project more interesting.

The store is closed and Kate is finishing her sock class. I was on the right track with my thinking. There were a few things that I hadn't thought through like the gusset shaping. That gets a bit tricky.

A pair of Kate's socks. The stitches on the needle are yellow and orange. One sock is the yellow stitches and one sock is the orange stitches.

One of the students socks. The colour contrast is great for showing the two socks.

There was a lot of thinking in the class and not too much talking. Quite the opposite of my knitting classes. :) I didn't want to interrupt by taking too many pictures.

We are happy that Kate will be coming back in May and she will definitely be doing a finishing class-maybe two. We are going to talk next week and firm up the classes.

It's much later in the evening. Beth and I went out for a bit and when we got home I realized that I forgot to post. No knitting today. Hopefully lots tomorrow.

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Wannietta said...

I am going to have to knit a BSJ one of these days ...