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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cherry Pie

There hasn't been any knitting today. I spent the day in the basement working on my quilt. There isn't a TV in the sewing room (yet) so I watched episodes of CSI on my iPad while working.

The thing I hate most about quilting is cutting the fabric. If someone would have it cut and ready for me I would do a lot more. I did press the fabric before starting to take out the creases. It is hard to believe but we do own an iron. I'm not sure I have used it since moving into the house. The fabric had to be cut to 16" high so I got it all cut to that size and then starting cutting the strips.

Six of sixteen squares are sewn. The quilt is going to be bright!! They need to be cut down to 14.25" squares but I'm going to sew all the squares first. That way I can do a bit of fudging if necessary.

There is lots taping (Nascar, The Amazing Race, Celebrity Apprentice) so my fingers will be busy tonight.

Tomorrow is hair day-the happiest day of my month. :) Then a trip to the quilt shop for the background fabric. It's going to be a good day.

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Wannietta said...

looks awesome!!!