Thursday, November 17, 2011

One More Sleep

I think I am ready to go. The store is in order. My laundry is done. I just have to throw my things in a suitcase. I keep telling myself that this trip will be different. I will not overpack. HA!!

Mr. Canpar brought us a new yarn today called Eco Cloud.

70% undyed merino wool
30% undyed baby alpaca

150m on a 100gram skein
18 stitches = 4"

We have the following colours in the store right now

The yarn is really soft. Really, really soft.

And there are lots of free patterns..

This morning I ordered Rowan yarns and books for spring. It's a secret but I will tell you that there is a neat wool/cotton blend, multi colours, in double knitting weight coming. The colours are great-there are 12 and I ordered them all. There is a pattern book dedicated to this yarn. Another pattern book coming is from Martin Storey. Great designs for women and men. Lots of cables.

It's much later in the day and I am doing my last bit of paperwork. 4am is going to come quickly - I had better hurry so I can get some sleep.

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