Friday, September 23, 2011

Game Shows

The theme for last night was game shows. Let's Make a Deal, Are You Smarter Than a Knitting Teacher, Price is Right, Beat the Clock and Newlyknits Game. There were four teams and it was very competitive-the trash talking was loud.

The ladies had a great night and came away with prizes.

Beat the Clock-Lynda knit a row and then had to pass the yarn up her top before passing onto the next person who had to do the same. The yarn went across four people. The fifth had to knit two rows and then pass back to number four. Number four had to knit a row and then pass the yarn under her top in the opposite direction-when done they should be free of yarn. 

Let's Make a Deal-Elizabeth is sitting on the floor ready to start collecting from her team. They were given a list of items that they had to find in their knitting bags and purses. No leaving the room. 
The first set of classes are underway. Fiona is teaching Entrelac and Elizabeth is teaching Double Knitting. The class rooms are very quiet - the ladies are concentrating!!

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