Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Debra's Garden

I'm back at work.  A few orders have been placed and then I unpacked boxes.

Needle Gauges from Debra's Garden are back in stock.

We also received faux leather tape measures. Hot Pink. Orange. Bright Red. Deep Purple. What colour do you think I put in my knitting bag?

I need to stop unpacking and relax for a while. I saw my chiropractor this morning. I golfed for a week and did not hurt but I did something yesterday afternoon. There is a pain in my back and when she touched it this morning I almost hit her. I have pulled a muscle. No lifting for me today. I am trying to listen to her but there are things to be done.

Since I am sitting for a bit how about we talk about Big Brother? Bringing back past pairs is a good thing but I wish they left out Brendon and Rachel. That voice is so annoying. Mike Boogie and Doctor Will would have been great. Okay, Brendon and Rachel with Mike and Will would have been amazing. Can you imagine the fights that would be going on in the house?

It's time to get some mail orders packed and then straightening shelves. Stay cool this afternoon.

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