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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Opening a Yarn Shop

This morning I was going through one of the bags that came home from TNNA and found shawl pins.  I told you that I hate unpacking.  There are three new designs from Annie Adams.  These are pewter shawl pins that are great for jackets and coats.

I opened up this pin (called Tapestry) and put it on a new vest we have hanging in the store.  I haven't unpacked the yarn yet so I am going to save the vest for later this week.



Later this afternoon I am meeting with a lady who is thinking of owning a yarn shop.  This is always an interesting discussion.

Everyone knows the great things about having a store.
-Dealing with fantastic people
-Playing with fun colours
-Seeing the new yarns, patterns and accessories before anyone else
-Having a very large stash of yarn
-Knitters who will knit you garments when you don't have time

I also let them know the things that aren't so great about it.  Don't get me wrong, there are not many things bad about this job but I think that I should give them all the facts before they start.  There are many little details that they don't think about until a problem comes up.
-You don't get to knit all day just because you have a yarn shop
-Someone has to do the accounting-pay the bills, remit taxes to the government
-Dealing with the phone company, internet provider, landlord, insurance company...
-If you want a day off then you need good staff.  Thankfully my ladies are amazing and I have no worries when they work.  Actually, they do a better job than I do.

There are many more pros and cons of having your own yarn shop but it is time to end my post and get back to work!!  The yarn that arrived isn't going to put itself on the shelf but that would be a great trick.

As I am about to finish this Mr. UPS walked in with a box from Berroco. Norah Gaughan volume 9 is here.


Sally said...

Was that meeting this afternoon???


I hope she or he can do it and that they have lots of patience.

Lady Jane said...

I love the sweater on this post...