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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  We don't mention the number any more.  She stopped counting at 50.  :)  I did remember to call her yesterday but I forgot to add it in my post.

Many have been asking when the new Kim Hargreaves magazine Whisper will be arriving.  I was told this morning that it should be here at the beginning of June.  From Kim's website
Minimal simplicity merges with edgy style, whilst shades of black and white offer a sharp contrast to pretty feminine designs.
Last night I worked on the Frill Seeker scarf but I had to keep taking my hands off the knitting to work the converter.  I managed to get through the three hour episode of Celebrity Apprentice from a week ago.  There was a lot of fast forwarding.  The best part of the show was the boardroom in the last half an hour.  I am so glad that Star is gone.  She really thinks highly of herself.

Normally Beth works the converter but she is in British Columbia for two weeks for her business.  The dogs are staying with my parents so I have a very empty house.

Ms. Canada Post just came in with a box of Saki from Prism.  There are four Layers colours.  From Laura
This method produces just that, layer upon layer of color that reads as solid from a distance, but reveals all of its subtle glory upon closer examination
In the basket are
-Plumberry (darkest purple)
-Peony (pink/purple)
-Mist (in real life it is more periwinkle than blue but I have lost the charger for my camera and am using my phone right now)

I'm picturing two scarves (both Purl Diving patterns) made up in the new colours.

Calsada-one skein of Saki is enough

Amalia-the large version is pictured which takes two skeins of sock yarn. A smaller version is also on the pattern and you can make it with one skein.

While writing this I received word from Prism that they have a new laceweight yarn coming out.  The order has gone in and I will give you more details when it arrives.  If you like laceweight yarn you are going to like this one.  The colours are amazing!!!

Mr. Canpar just walked in with four boxes.  I better hit Publish and start putting yarn away.

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