Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunny day

I am sorry to tell you that it is a beautiful sunny day in Myrtle Beach today.

My time with mom and dad has been fun. We ate at Golden Corral last night. I am not a buffet person but their buffet is really good. Mom and dad know everyone who works there. This morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before church. Mom and dad don't even need to order-the staff knows what they are having. I think they might eat out a bit too much. Or else they spend too much time in Myrtle Beach.

We are going to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner before heading to one of the neighbors for a Superbowl party. Go Packers!!!

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Lois Evensen said...

Just LOVE that sunshine!

Irene said...

I'm sorry you told us it was sunny and warm too. But you do have to come home don't you?

Wannietta said...

Amanda & I both chuckled - your parents are just likeable; I'm not surprised that people remember them so well!!

It was a good game; sad the Steelers didn't win, but a good game nonetheless.