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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last night my blog post was very rushed.  Had to get it done before midnight.  When I was finished I took out my iPad and made some notes for future posts.

Speaking of my iPad, did you know that the next version of the iPad is being introduced soon?  Unfortunately Apple does not pay me to talk about their products.  I just love them.

I took a screen shot of my iBooks.  This is the library on my iPad that has my books as well as PDFs.  I put knitting patterns on here so that I can have them with me all the time.  It is great for traveling.  No worrying about leaving the pattern on the plane or in a hotel room.

Just tap on the pattern you need and it opens in very clear print.  You can stretch the screen to enlarge it and make reading easier.

The information for Camp is now up on the website.  Korey and I have been working on updating the website so keep checking it out.

An email just came in from Lorna's Laces with the new colours for spring.  Our order should be shipped to us any day.

We all fell in love with this color the instant it came out of the dyepots. We were worried that it might feel a little autumnal, but we decided to go ahead with it because we liked it so well. Besides, it just screamed Shenanigans to us. 
This is our bright for the season. Magenta, rich orange and golden yellow make for nothing but fun.

is an elegant neutral

It's actually a little more muted than this photo represents it. I think it's a perfect gender neutral color. There's touch of aqua in it, but not enough so it tips to reading "boy color". Besides kids stuff, Hullabaloo seems like a perfect match for blondes although now that I'm writing this, I can picture it being wonderful for folks with darker coloring as well. 

It's a deep, rich grey with a little purpley/blue/stormy skies thing going on in the background. 
I am going to have fun using these colours in Linen Stitch Scarf kits!!

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How much are the scarf kits?.