Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Elizabeth Bradley

While I was away Mr. Canada Post came in (he was working on Saturday because of the snow during the week) and brought in a box of brand new Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits.

From the Elizabeth Bradley website
At Elizabeth Bradley we offer more than just a tapestry kit, we bestow the enjoyment of creating your very own finished work of art. Each kit comes with everything you need including easy to follow instructions. Just relax in your favourite chair and accomplish your tapestry at your own pace. 

One thing we know is that once you start, you'll discover a penchant for this revived pastime. Once you have finished your selected tapestry, we can transform your piece into a furnishing for your home such as a cushion, piece of wall art or even a carpet for a personal stamp in your interior and timeless centrepiece in any décor scheme. 

Cymbidium Orchid
From the new Exotics collection
 Phaleanopsis Orchid
From the Blooms Collection

With Elizabeth Bradley kits you get to choose the background colour. My Rhododendron kit has a pale lime background but you can have yellow or cream or duck egg blue.

The pattern is printed on the canvas plus you get a colour chart to follow.  If you have done needlepoint in the past you will know that sometimes it is frustrating because you don't know what colour a square is supposed to be. Now you have a chart (just like a cross-stitch chart) to follow as well.


lookinout said...

I love the big chrysanthemum-type one. It's a huge temptation, but I'm being sensible for now. I'll definitely tag it for the future. I think a big flower is the only thing that would catch my attention.

Unknown said...

Must. Avert. Eyes. Don't. Need. New. Craft.

Sally said...

I love the chrysanthemum one too. I have GOT to learn to do needlepoint with my feet.