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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Scarf

Emma brought Calsada in earlier today.  The yarn is so soft!!  I'm thinking that this will definitely be MY scarf.

I switched it around and added a pin.  I love the colour but there isn't a colour from Prism that I don't like.

Beth and I went to Chapters when I got home from work.  Beth loves to read and once she starts a book she doesn't put it down until finished. Cathy gave her a book by Lee Child for Christmas and since then she has finished six of his books.  Tonight she bought three more.  While she was looking for books I spent my time in the magazine section going through knitting magazines.  Wow.  There were a lot of magazines available.  I bought knitscene-winter/spring 2011.  From their website
Simple-but-clever knitting can lead to really cool results. The newest issue of Knitscene exemplifies this philosophy with 26 projects that will entice crafters of all skill levels—from stockinette to basic Fair Isle to quick one-skeiners with sparkle. The silhouettes are interesting and modern. The yarns are on-trend and fun to work with. The style is free—because you’re a free spirit. 
I like the belvedere cardigan, paperboy cardigan, camellia shrug....

There were no books for me but I did download the newest Jilly Cooper book onto my iPad when I got home.  This will keep my occupied for some time.

No knitting was accomplished last night.  I was in bed by 9pm.  On a Friday night.  How pathetic!!!  I am going to pick up my needles now and watch a few episodes of Criminal Minds.


Wannietta said...

It's beautiful Julie & I think that it will totally suit you!!

Lois Evensen said...

So lovely. The colors are wonderful. And, I love evenings when I can knit until I want to fall into bed, whether it be early or late.