Monday, November 01, 2010

Seventh Avenue

Much of my day was spent in the car.  Post office, lunch to Jane in the store, lunch to Beth in the warehouse, bank for Beth and then onto Best Buy. I bought the new Office for Mac.  What a great program.  I am having lots of fun.  There will be new gift certificates in the store.  The newsletter templates are great.  It has me wanting to do a printed newsletter!!  I really, really want to keep playing but there is accounting and more mail orders to pack.

Plans are coming together for our trip next week.  We are leaving after I close the store on Saturday.  If you check online it says the drive is almost 9 hours. My car says 8 hours.  Maybe my car knows that I will be driving slightly above the speed limit.  :)  We just booked a hotel for Saturday night along the way.  I don't think I will want to do the full drive after working all day.

Some days Blogger can drive me crazy.  The post was looking good and then I added Captions.  When am I going to learn?  Captions throw everything into turmoil.  After much cutting and pasting I hope that this shows up okay on your computer.  Normally I would add this at the end of the post but if I try that then pictures will overlap part of the words.

An order arrived from Classic Elite today with the long awaited book for Soft Chunky.
Twinkle Soft Chunky is a super-soft 100% virgin wool yarn with a very loose twist. This loose twist allows for the yarn to be knitted at a large gauge (1.5 to 2 stitches/inch!) while keeping the finished garments from getting too heavy.  At this gauge the stitches are so large that even in Stockinette Stitch, the stitches themselves become a wonderful design element. Wenlan’s designs in Soft Chunky are innovative and knit up super fast. For the color palette Wenlan chose a mix of current fashion and classic vintage shades. 

Endless Loops
I took a picture of this in June at TNNA.  I am not sure what to call it.  Is it a vest?  A dress? Whatever it is I really like it.

Elephant Trunk
Soft Chunky is knit on 10mm-15mm needles.  You can definitely knit a scarf in an evening.

Gladiator Shawl
There are quite a few colours in the store right now and we will have a big order of more Soft Chunky arriving in two weeks.  It is a huge seller for Classic Elite and we are waiting for them to receive their next shipment.

Casual Twist
This mini-booklet from Twinkle by Wenlan Chia features six runway designs in Soft Chunky, a super-soft 100% virgin wool yarn with a very loose twist. This booklet includes two accessories, two dresses and two top designs.

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