Sunday, November 28, 2010

One of a Kind

Beth and I took off for the One of a Kind Show after the store closed yesterday.  Mom decided to stay home (more about that later).

The first purchase of the day was a new purse.  I know, I have many purses but there is nothing like a hand made leather bag.  This is a bag for traveling. Everything (including my iPad) will fit in it. The strap is long enough so that I can wear it across by body and it sits on my hip.  This is great for traveling when I am dragging a suitcase (or two).

Matteo Mio

The next purchase was a necklace.  Beth bought it for me for Christmas. Very cool.


Then the big purchase.  Pictures for our dining room wall.  I have been looking at these for many years and we finally pulled the trigger.

This is the smallest piece.  The other two pieces are three times the width - 24" x 24". They are still in bubble wrap until dad can get here to hang them for us.

It is hard to tell from the picture but these are ceramic tiles.  I couldn't take my camera out because it freaks Roko out so I had to use my phone.


Mom decided to pass on One of a Kind because there was a craft show in Ancaster this weekend.  I woke up early this morning to take her.  She was so excited.  The last Christmas craft show we went to at Merritt Hall was great. Not so good today.  What a disappointment.  The show was supposed to be juried with 70 vendors.  I don't think there was anywhere near that many vendors.  We came away with some good cookies and that was all.  It took less than an hour to walk through twice-and my mom doesn't walk fast.  :)

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