Monday, November 29, 2010

Dentist=bad day

I did not use my day off wisely today.  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to book a dentist appointment.  Two fillings had to be removed and replaced.  Children-don't eat candies or drink pop!!  My dentist is a 45 minute drive.  That is a long story but I like him so I won't change.  I was in the chair at noon and the freezing started coming out about 6pm.  YUCK!!!

My after dinner job has made my head spin.  Beth needed some computer work done and I got through most of it but now I need to relax and knit. Pictures tomorrow-I promise.  The pattern is from Katherine Matthews and we will have it in the store next week.

This is an exciting week in the store.  20 years ago we moved into the old stone house.  We bought the house 22 years ago and then had to do major renovations, put on an addition and have it zoned commercial.  December 1, 1990 was the big day.  I don't have pictures of the construction.  Back then I wasn't blogging.  :)  There is definitely a lot more yarn in the store now!!

In case you haven't read our latest newsletter

To celebrate we are giving away some prizes.

1st prize - $150 gift certificate for the store
2nd prize - Namaste knitting bag of your choice to be selected from current stock (don't worry-we have lots of styles and colours)
3rd prize - $25 gift certificate for the store

How do you enter?
During the week of November 29-December 4 you can earn ballots.  If you make a purchase in the store, over the phone or online of $50 (not including taxes and shipping) you will get a ballot.  If your purchase is $100 then two ballots.  $150=3 ballots....

On December 4 at 3:30 we will draw the winner's names and I will put them on my blog December 5.  

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Michelle B said...

Congrats on 20 years!