Friday, October 22, 2010

Early to bed

It is almost bed time.  4am is going to come very soon. Beth was a big help today-loading the van, getting my dry cleaning and going to the grocery store.

You've seen the blue van full of yarn before so I really don't have any pictures for you.  As you know I can't do a post without some prettiness so here are some nice pictures for you to look at.

I went back through the blog until the beginning of August to see what I haven't talked about.

Sarsparilla in Portland Tweed from Classic Elite.  I think the yarn might be going to Ann soon so that she can knit this for me.  The pattern is in the magazine Prairie.

The Nina Clutch from Offhand Designs.

Indie is a new yarn from Sirdar for fall.  I showed some garments in a previous post but not this one.  Notice the batwing sleeves?  We are going to see a lot more of this.

The clock has struck 9 and my bed is calling.  If you are in Woodstock tomorrow please make sure you stop by the booth to say HI.

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