Saturday, August 28, 2010


My shawl is progressing nicely. The pattern is working out (thank goodness because I didn't want to start ripping back over 600 stitches).  I did the colours in the right order this time too.  I know that some of you are wondering-no the stitches that were cut are not unravelling.  My hand runs over the stitches as I am knitting and they are behaving themselves.

Yesterday we received many boxes of Sirdar yarns.  Todays yarn of choice is Squiggle Super Chunky.

Sorry, no numbers again and today this is going to prove a bit more difficult. For some reason Sirdar jumped when numbering the yarn.

Starting at the top left the numbers are
600, 602, 603, 606, 607, 608

We are seeing lots of bulky yarns for fall and Sirdar didn't disappoint us with their new yarns for fall 2010.

Squiggle is a fun yarn for your little girl.

All these patterns are available in Sirdar Book #387-Squiggly Knits and in leaflet form.

51% wool and 49% acrylic

9 stitches to 4" on 10mm needles

Did we have sweaters this cute when we were little?

All I remember is the matching granny square ponchos my mom made for Beth and I.  Sorry-very bad memory that I must get out of my head.

Squiggle Super Chunky can be used for any Sirdar pattern calling for Denim Ultra.

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