Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good and bad

We are set for the big day tomorrow. Cathy, Stephanie and I met at the store at 10am to take the last few boxes to the hall. There was no fooling around and we were done by 2:30.  I had no idea we could get everything done that quickly.

This is where the bad part of my day started.  There is a Farmer's Market every Wednesday outside the hall.  It runs from 3-7 and the people need to have access to the hall to use the kitchen and washrooms.  I had to stay all afternoon guarding my yarn.  :)  No one paid any attention to it but I had to stay until they were done for the day to make sure that the hall was locked.  I got home around 8pm which made for a long day.

Let me talk about the good part of my day.  I got to knit for many hours meaning that the shawl is progressing quickly.  There are about 8 rows to go until the top border is done and the cutting can begin.

There is more good to the day.  A shipment arrived from Madelinetosh.

Ten colours of Tosh Merino Light.

Seven colours in Tosh Sock.

And five colours of Pashmina.

Then the bad part of my day again.  I started doing my blog and couldn't upload pictures.  Now there is an extra step to add them.  I am trying to rush because I need to get some laundry done and then watch Big Brother.

One more thing about the Tent Sale.  There are some amazing yarns.  It was hard for me not to take the Jo Sharp Tweed DK in mauve and lime.  Then there is the Jo Sharp Aran Tweed.  Then there is the...  This could be a very long list.

In the hall there is a stage and we have a treat for you.  All yarns on the stage are 2 for $1.

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Irene said...

I feel your pain, it is a long day. But what a gift to be able to knit with out interruption.