Monday, July 19, 2010


I just tried tracking my fall Rowan online. There are 9 boxes coming. HURRY!!!

I promised you lots of cables for fall and here is a selection from Rowan's new book Purelife Autumn.

From Rowan's website
Shot in deepest Monmouthshire, the collection showcases 16 designs ranging from cabled jackets, capes and wraps through to pretty cropped cardigans and shrugs. Purelife Autumn accompanies the launch of Renew, Rowan's second fully recycled yarn made from 100% recycled wool and will be available in 8 rustic shades. 

The magazine also features British Sheep Breeds and the new British Sheep Breeds Boucle.

The new yarn, Renew, knit up.

You are going to see lots of short sleeved/sleeveless sweaters this fall.  I like this idea-less knitting to get your garment finished!!
A WOW sweater or is it a poncho with armholes or is it a vest?  Hard to say but it looks great.

The store is closed on Mondays for the summer so that I can get other work accomplished.  I have been busy all day (meaning I didn't take the nap that I wanted) but nothing has been accomplished.

I had a list of things to do today
-write a newsletter
-do my PST
-do my GST
-get my accounting up to date
-mail out parcels (done)
-write a blog post (working on it)
-unpack my suitcase
-take Beth lunch (done)
-go to the grocery store (done)
-make dinner (done)
-do some computer work for Beth (partially done)
-have my nails done

Since I didn't get my list done I will be working on it tonight-no knitting for me!!

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