Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back at it

Beth is making dinner (nachos) so I am quickly doing a post.  My choice for dinner was something on the barbecue but neither of us was willing to stand outside in the rain.

I am back at the Malthese shawl-here it is halfway through the seventh flower.  The work is now on a 100cm (40") circular needle.  The rows are taking a lot more time to get through!!

This picture should have been taken outside but the rain ruined that thought.

The plan for tonight is to get some knitting done while watching TV.  I need to relax after the trip.  :)  Beth went to Blockbuster and rented the first few episodes of Glee-everyone says that the show is great.  Beth also rented a movie-Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Unfortunately the movie is in another language (Swedish??) with subtitles.  That makes it hard to knit and watch!!

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Anne said...

I didn't realize that grl with a Dragon Tattoo was made into a movie -- have read all 3 Stieg Larrson books -- they are very intense......and this movie adaptation of the first book was excellent.

Ahhh, you could have set it to be in dubbed english - a little weird watching them speak but you get used to it -- much better than trying to watch and read the subtitles.