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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transferring pictures to Ravelry

Do you read the Spud & Chloe blog?  These socks (Jelly Bean Baby Socks) are a free pattern-see the February 27 post.  One skein of Sweater-what a great gift.

Why do I have this picture in another post?  You can post pictures on Ravelry using Flickr or other special picture websites but I don't want to do that.  From a blog post I can take a picture and upload it into one of the Forums.  Yesterdays picture of the dress takes up a full page when I uploaded it to The Needle Emporium group so I thought I would repost a smaller picture and try again.

Last night Beth and I watched Idol in about 10 minutes.  This is one boring season so far.  We keep hearing that the contestants are making the wrong song choice.  Maybe it should be changed that the judges help them choose a song?  If they become Idol they will have someone choosing their songs for them.

I have no knitting to report-just waiting on my Soft Linen from Classic Elite.  Betsy and Heather-can you make it come quicker??

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