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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Many Finished Objects

This morning as I was rushing around like crazy to make it to work on time (made it by 2 minutes) it occurred to me that men have it much easier in the morning.  They don't have to worry about blow drying and curling their hair or putting on makeup.  Think of the time we could save if we could just jump out of the shower, throw on clothes and be on our way!!

Rhonda is coming in this afternoon with some finished items for me.  Her pictures turned out very good so I am borrowing them  :)

This is the Firefly Fringed Scarf.

2 balls of Classic Elite Firefly
5mm needles
Classic Elite magazine 9109-Picnic

May I present Iris the Gourmet Monster.  Isn't she great?  This is a kit from Lorna's Laces that we carry in the store.  Currently there are four kits here and more kits have left Chicago and will be here next week.

The mailman brought a box from Joan.  Here is the Swallowtail Shawl knit in Kureyon Sock.  Joan played with the pattern to make it longer for me.  Stunning!!

My baby sweater in Firefly isn't blocked yet (I forgot it again last night) but I wanted to show it to you hanging.  Looks much better than lying flat.  There are no buttons yet because I am waiting for a shipment from Lantern Moon-great new buttons are coming.

These are the buttons that I am waiting for-Jelly Buttons.  These are 5/8" and we also have them coming in 1 1/8".

I wanted to show off the Aya from Noro so another Boheme is in the works.  I am leaving out the lace pattern on this one-the striping yarn looks good without it.

If you have a little girl to knit for this pattern is great.  No sewing.  No finishing.  Just two ends to sew in.

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Brenda said...

Men - no makeup, no curling hair and NO HIGH HEELS!!! How easy can you get?