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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New camera

Many years ago we bought a digital camera.  It was a great camera but neither of us actually read the book as to how to use it properly.  There were a million settings and we never got it right.  Then I was using my iPhone to take pictures.  Not bad but no flash.  Last night we had to run to Best Buy and while we were there I bought a new camera.  A Nikon Coolpix (you probably have seen it in TV commercials).  I can put it to SCENE and it picks the proper setting.  It is much smaller than the other camera and will now fit in my purse.

You know what this means-more blog pictures!!

Roko does not like it when Beth knits.  He is sitting on the couch at her elbow sulking.  After a bit he will jump across to my couch and try and sit on me.  Beth says 'can you just love him for a bit?' and then I have to put down my knitting until he tires of me.

This is the new Revive from Rowan. Great colours. I want to knit with it!! Will it be my Olympic knitting??

Here is my sleeve.  I am about half way done.  I forgot that a sleeve can take a while to knit-as you go there are more and more stitches on the needle.  I am going to sign off and knit for a bit-I want this done so I can move onto something else.

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Michelle B said...

I want to knit with Revive too!! Just need to figure out which colour to use.