Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home again

Beth and I got in from the airport about an hour ago. We stopped at Tim's on the way home so that I could have a bagel and steeped tea. Boy did I miss the tea while I was away!! I then spent a bit of time playing with the dogs. Melo missed me while I was gone and Roko remembered when I got home that I have been missing for a week. Then a load of laundry went in and now I can sit down and write.

My trip started and ended in my favourite hotel-The Mirage.

These pictures were taken on Thursday afternoon. Did you know that the Mirage opened 20 years ago and it is still one of the best looking hotels on the strip?

After my post on Saturday morning I headed to the show.

The first stop was Namaste. Hi to Dawn and Kelly. Monroe, the wallet and the circular needle case were great. All have been ordered. The bag and wallet should be here next week. The circular needle case won't be arriving until the end of February.

Offhand Bags was right around the corner so I did my bag order with Larissa next. Wow!! Love the new fabrics.

Unfortunately I had to leave the show for meetings-I wanted to see everything. I did get back around 3 and the next stop was Lorna's Laces. 6 new colours but I didn't have any paper with me and didn't make any notes. Why would you I have these in my bag?? I had already ordered these in Shepherd Sock and Helen's Lace and the sock yarn is being shipped this week.

I made quick stops at Trendsetter, Tahki-Stacy Charles and Classic Elite before calling it a day.

The rest of my show shopping is going to be saved for tomorrow. It is now 10:20 and I need to think about bed. Okay, I am going to watch Idol for a bit and then off to bed.

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