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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hello from sunny California

Good Morning from Long Beach. I am not going to tell you that at 8:33am it is already warm and sunny. No winter coats needed here.

Vegas was great. I didn't accomplish anything but was busy the whole time.

I checked out of my room at noon yesterday but didn't need to leave for the airport for another hour so I sat down in front of Beth's favourite slot machine. Thank you very much. I won $75 just before leaving. This is on a penny slot so that is a big win!!

The flight to Long Beach was uneventful. It takes about 45 minutes so the pilot doesn't even turn off the seat belt sign.

It is almost time to leave for a breakfast meeting. Then off to the show. I am typing on Bev's computer so no pictures until I get home.

Have a good day.


Sally said...

I'm glad you have warm weather. Here, there are people walking out on the ice of Hamilton Bay. Though why you would then drill holes for fishing I don't understand.

And it's a balmy 18 F or - 8 C. Have a great time Julie, and congrats on the win.

Nori said...

Happy for you that it is warm there. It is currently (7:47p.m.) 37 degrees here in florida and I'm between Naples and Fort Myers ......... so pretty far south. :-(

Dawn said...

$75.00 towards new shoes! Way to go.