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Monday, January 04, 2010

The cardigan didn't get finished

My Sunday was spent watching football and knitting and my hands were killing when I went to bed at 1 this morning. I still have 1/2 a front to finish on my cardigan. I thought it would get finished today but I was busy getting the store in order (I want Cathy to be able to find everything when she works this week and next) and the knitting didn't come out of the bag. Then I thought there would be time tonight. Not. I have been working on a newsletter, packing yarn to ship out and doing accounting. If there is time a new price list needs to be printed as well. I now realize that there is no way the cardigan will be finished. I need to go through my closet and adjust my packing.

I decided to redo the store. Not the whole store because that would take a long time but in the Worsted Weight room the display is now 'Spring Berroco'.

Seduce, Seduce Colors, Lumina and Bonsai. It looks great IMHO.

Bonsai and Lumina are back up on the website as well. The new colours of Seduce should be up next week-fingers crossed. We are waiting for the images from Berroco.

We totally forgot that the new season of The Bachelor was starting tonight. It will tape later from a West Coast channel. Should be interesting because Jake seems way too perfect.

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Sally said...

He probably snores.

Have a safe business trip, Julie.