Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm Back

The tent sale wiped us all out. We finished at 1pm on Saturday and then packed up the remaining yarn and put it in storage. Sunday afternoon was a write off-I missed most of the Nascar race because I was sleeping. Yesterday was catch up day-bank, post office and pedicure. Today I worked in the store. My Noro cardigan is done except for the last few ends to sew in which I will do when I have finished this. Beth will take a picture of me wearing it at the show.

Tomorrow morning we leave bright and early for Columbus, Ohio.

As you know I like to have pictures in my posts. Here is a small sampling of the bags that Offhand Designs will be previewing at the show.

This is Larisa who owns Offhand Designs with the new Gatsby bag. The fabric is called Warwick. As you can see the bag will hold a lot of yarn or it can be used as an overnight bag.

This is a new fabric called Ritz. I can't wait to see this bag in person on Saturday!!

Larisa has all the bags made up in all the available fabrics. It is very hard deciding which to buy because I want them all.

Maude is one of my favourite bags. This new fabric is called Plaza. I wonder is she will make me some pillows in this fabric because they would go great in my house.

The hotel in Columbus is supposed to have free Internet and Beth will have her laptop so I should be able to post while away. We aren't supposed to take pictures on the show floor but I will find a way to get some.

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