Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's been a busy day around the store today.
-My windows have all been washed-I can see out again.
-The air conditioner hasn't worked for the last week so they are fixing it right now. Unfortunately to make sure it is working properly we need to make the store hot and then turn the air conditioner on. It is cooler outside than it is in the store.
-UPS just dropped off 2 boxes of Rowan yarns that were full of Felted Tweed.
-Post man came with a box from Namaste.

I just went into the back room looking for a yarn and found some more tent sale yarn
  • Berroco Suede
  • Berroco Keltic
  • Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK
  • Rowanspun Aran
  • Rowanspun DK
  • Rowan 4ply Soft
Beth has decided that she would like a new driver. We went down to the golf course last night for her to hit one on the range but the range was packed so we played 9 holes. The weather was perfect and the course isn't busy at dinner time. The dogs weren't happy with us though!! They wanted to be playing outside as well.

Idol-wow did they dig up some artists from the past. Adam definitely won out by getting to sing with Kiss and Queen. Should he be the new lead singer for Queen??? I'm not sure that losing was a bad thing for Adam. Now he doesn't have to sing that awful Idol song and his career can go the way he wants, not how they tell him it has to go.

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