Thursday, March 05, 2009

Damn Ravelry

I haven't written about any knitting in a couple of days. I have been working on something in private since Sunday and decided to share it with you now that the pattern is showing up. This is the famous February Lady cardigan-over 4500 projects on Ravelry. Knitters come in the store every week looking for yarn to knit this so I decided I had better join the fun. I am using Vienna from Naturally.

Bev just left and Beth is chomping at the bit to watch Survivor. I told her to hang on for one minute because I had to do a post. Just made it in under the wire.

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LeenieBeenie said...

That is gorgeous! What do you think is going to become of the secret alliance betweem the two tribes? I kind of think of Exile Island as a fun new clubhouse.