Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm going to share a little known fact about myself-I love bowling. My passion started young at the Ancaster Lanes. Dad registered us for 5 pin bowling on Saturday mornings when I was eight. We bowled every week until I was about fifteen. We were both good (I was better and Beth will admit that) and we bowled in many tournaments and won many trophies. Mom and dad still have them on display in their basement. 5 pin bowling died off and 10 pin took over. We started bowling 10 pin in a league which led to buying our own balls and shoes. Many Friday or Saturday nights were spent at the lanes with a group of friends. It was usually the girls against the guys and the girls won. One year a group of us were in Myrtle Beach for a week. We saw something on TV that bowlers on scholarship to US universities bowl at least 75 games a week. Everyone said I couldn't do it but I did. 15 games a day for 5 days straight. Boy my arm was tired after that. We continued to bowl in leagues for a while but then the lanes in Ancaster closed. That was the end of regular bowling. We have gone a few times since but not much. On Friday, John called that he was taking the kids to Rock'n Bowl. They turn the lights down and turn the music up loud. Sure, Beth and I were in. Bad decision. I didn't have my own ball or shoes (yes, the excuses are starting). I was awful. So bad that one of the kids beat me. Beth is afraid I am going to drag her bowling to practice before the next time a group of us goes out. I don't like to lose!!!

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Wannietta said...

Poor Julie - I sense a bowling resurgence and a re-match coming!! LOL