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Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

It was great to sleep in this morning. Dad and I met at the store to fix the flags hanging out front and to discuss an urgent matter. We are going to do some renovating of the store in June. The store is really too small but we can't add on so we need to move some things around inside. We might need to close for a couple of days in June to knock out some walls but I will talk about that closer to the date.

Since I was in the store I decided to do some work. The Cotton Classic from Tahki has a new home. I love this cotton. There are over 125 available colours-we don't have that many yet but there will be more colours added throughout the spring. Korey will be adding this to the website over the next couple of weeks as well.

Beth and I had dinner with the parents tonight. They brought over some gifts. This mirror was made in Hawaii and now it needs to find a special spot in our house. We also got hats and shirts for golfing. Is the warm weather coming soon?

Dad held my afghan against the wall it is going to hang on. We decided that it doesn't need to be any wider so I can start on the edging tonight.

I spoke to my other mother (Bev) tonight as well. She is in Vegas and couldn't find a slot machine Beth recommended so she called me to find it. That counts towards Family Day as well.

Amazing Race is on again. There are a few promising teams this season-it will be interesting to see how things go over the next couple of weeks.

Y&R-did anyone watch today? I don't get to watch it very often but after running to the post office (Shirley your parcel is in the mail) I turned the TV on. Nikki and Paul-GROSS!! It is almost incestuous. They have been friends forever and now this.

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