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Monday, December 15, 2008

I might be done with scarves now

I finished the vero scarf last week. The pattern is easy to do and it looks great. You must be a member of Ravelry to get the pattern so if you aren't signed up yet, don't delay.

I have returned to the log cabin afghan. Square 19 is done and 20 is half way done. Beth and I laid all the squares out last night to put them in order so I can start on the border which will be done in black Cascade 220.

Life is crazy at home right now. We are hosting Christmas dinner so all those little things that haven't been done need to be finished. I bought the light for over the pool table on Friday. It looks great and the electrician is coming to hook it up tonight. We don't let my dad touch anything electrical!! The bathroom has been done and now we need to buy a bed for the guest room and TV for the pool room. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping either so you know I will be in the mall this week-YUCK. Christmas comes every year but I still wait to the last minute.

We received a special shipment of yarn from Fleece Artist. All skeins are $20.

  • Leba-65 kid, 20 wool, 15 nylon-425m/250 grams
  • Nyoni-65 wool, 20 kid, 5 silk, 10 nylon-750m/250 grams
  • Tara-51 kid, 19 wool, 30 nylon-2000m/250 grams
How about the Survivor finale last night? I couldn't believe what Corrine said to Sugar. Where does she get off? If I was Sugar I would have gotten up and hit her right there. Bob winning was good but he could have said thank you to Sugar-she could have voted to keep Matty and then he would have won. Yes, I am a fan of Sugar's. She is the first person who made it far in the game playing with her heart and really didn't care if she won the money.


leeniebeenie said...

I love the scarf. I too was bewildered that someone just has to be that rude out loud, just to suit herself. I was like keep it to yourself please. Get a diary and rant to it. I am also a fan of Sugar, I think it would have been nice if she had gotten a chance to explain to Matty that she did it so that it would be up to fate who got to stay and who got to go. I am excited about Survivor: Brazil wherever. Can't remember.

Jonna Robison said...

What is the scarf pattern called on Ravelry? It's very nice