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Monday, November 17, 2008

Day of ups and downs

It has been an interesting day so far.  I had my hair cut this morning and then came home to do some work.  I turned on the TV to catch Y & R and Katherine's funeral was on.  I have been watching the show for almost 30 years so it was quite emotional.  I know-it is only TV but still.  Many characters from the past were back and time hasn't been good to some of them-Danny in particular.

I then went upstairs to do some paperwork and my dad calls.  He forgot I wasn't in the store today so he was going to come by the house and drop off some packages from Myrtle Beach-knitting patterns and my Romi shawl pins.  I told him he could leave them at the store but he insisted he needed to come by-he had news.  Of course I thought the worst but he told me it was good news for me and bad news for him.  That didn't make it any better.  Well the news was good-he bought Beth and I tickets to the Miami Dolphins-Buffalo Bills football game in Toronto in a couple of weeks.  We are sitting in the VIP section (Miami Dolphin side of course) at the 50 yard line.  My dad believes if you are going to a game then you should sit in the best seats possible.  The news was bad for him because he will still be in Honduras and can't come with us.  The tailgate party starts at 1 and the game starts at 4.  It is going to be a very long day!!

I do have some knitting to report-I finished a scarf over the weekend.  I will get the ends sewn in tomorrow and then will post pictures and the pattern. 

Now I must run to the post office and the bank.  Tonight is the last class for socks.

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Wannietta said...

Sounds like fun - I'll totally watch the game and watch for you!