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Monday, October 13, 2008 upgrades

I posted yesterday that Korey and I had made some neat changes to the website. These have disappeared temporarily. Korey needed to change servers today. The site was running slow with our large database-hopefully this will make it run much quicker. With the change, all of my updates need to be uploaded again. This might be done today-otherwise keep checking back this week. Sorry about this but in the long run it will make the site much better. :)

I went the Balls Falls craft show this morning. It took forever to get to the Conservation Area. I guess everyone decided to go because the weather was so nice. By the time I got into the show I was so tired and irritated that I looked around quickly and then came home empty handed.

Here is square number 8. Football, baseball and The Amazing Race gave me lots of time to knit. Speaking of the Amazing Race-Mark and Bill comment that they are not a physical team so they will need to use their brains. I think that includes reading the clue properly. When will people learn? Read the clues before you start running around like a chicken with your head cut off. It only takes a couple of minutes and it could mean the difference between winning and going home.

I've gotta go. I'm playing poker and should be concentrating on my game (as well as knitting square 9)

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Samantha said...

I love this square. I think its my favourite so far. :)