Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christmas is coming-time to think of gifts

I spent today making up kits (8 done with 4 to go) in fabulous colours for this afghan. I combine hand dyed yarns from Fleece Artist with yarns that we have in the store including ribbons and eyelash. Wannietta designed the afghan for me-I handed her a bag of yarn and told her to get busy.

Ball winders are now in the store. This is the JUMBO ball winder. This can hold up to 500 gram skeins-perfect for large hand painted hanks and delicate yarns. We also have the regular ball winders as well.

Jane was busy yesterday unpacking a box from Dream in Color. We should have every colour of Classy in stock now.

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Unknown said...

Cool - I can't wait to see the colours!