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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still no iPhone

Here is the back of Valour-my Colourscapes Vest. I am about to do the shoulder shaping. I could have finished it last night but ran out of the store at 5:30 and forgot it. I was running to the Rogers store to get my phone. I got there and I was still denied-credit problems. After one hour of calling everyone known to man I left without a phone. This morning I talked with the Credit Investigation Department and they say everything is good to go. They called the store and I can get my phone today BUT I have to be there before 5 because that is when the 'wireless' staff go home. I tried to explain that was impossible and was told to come tomorrow then. This didn't make me happy so I started phoning everyone under the sun at Rogers and got no help. I was about to tell them I didn't want the phone when the Credit department called me to confirm that everything was okay. When I explained my situation he called around and then talked with my store-they are now staying late for me so I can get the phone. Maybe tomorrow I will be happier than I am right now.

It is another rainy day in Southern Ontario-the kind of day to be sitting in front of a fireplace and knitting!!!


Rhonda said...

The colour blending is gorgeous.

Michelle B said...

Oooooo - purty!

I'm smiting the clowns that stole your cc number. I want a full review on the iphone.

nadine said...

oh i hope you get your phone today !
i have an ipod touch now, and i'm loving it. I'm using it far more than i even thought i would.

Samantha said...

I hope you get your phone today. :)