Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sorry-this is going to be a quick post. I am taking the day off today and going golfing.
This is the new Cocoon magazine. The designs are amazing. I spent hours last night scanning pictures into the computer for a newsletter and I hope to finish that tonight. We received 6 new colours of Cocoon as well.
The new Colourscapes magazine. I will have pictures from this in the newsletter as well.
Seven colours of Colourscapes arrived yesterday. This is colour 430. Sorry-I need to hurry so I will put the rest up tonight or tomorrow.

I have picked out projects from both magazines that I need/want but I was a good girl and didn't bring any yarn home.

Hopefully we don't have rain this afternoon and I play well. Dad, Beth and I are golfing with a friend in a golf tournament. Have a good day!!

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Sally said...

You weren't bad! I was at the store today and saw that customer twisting your arm behind your back and forcing you to wind, wind, wind!!