Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mom has been busy

We have kept my mom busy over the last couple of days making a table cloth for the dining room table. We did not want to serve dinner on the table without a table cloth and pad underneath in case someone (okay that would be me) spills. We had to add a runner down the middle to cover a seam. I still need to iron it but they are leaving for Myrtle Beach in the morning and mom wanted to see it on the table. She has some Amy Butler fabric packed to do a quilted runner while they are away.

A new shipment of Offhand Design bags arrived today. This is always a dangerous day for me because I want them all. The first three are the Zhivago Weekenders. This bag is big enough to carry around your whole knitting project or to use as a travel bag if going away for the weekend. The next three are called Zelda Grand.

Progress is being made on the basement. The electrician and plumber are coming tomorrow.

Sorry-no knitting to report. I am just getting ready to pick up the stitches around the neck of my baby sweater. Maybe tomorrow. The next week will be busy starting to pack for the Frolic.

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Samantha said...

I love the bags! The table cloth and runner set is gorgeous too.