Thursday, January 24, 2008

More arrivals

My Offhand Design bags just arrived. The Punch Bloom bag (brown with flowers) is for me!! That colour is now sold out but rumour has it will come back into stock. The green bag is Martini. This colour is sold out so don't delay if you like it.

There is a new display of Soak Sweater wash on the front counter.

The latest news on spring Rowan and Berroco is that it will be arriving next week.

Korey and I have been working on the website today. There are some new yarns and books added. The updated shade cards look great-as new shades are added to a yarn, we are updating the look of the shade cards. The pictures are larger giving you a better look at the colours.

I was hoping to write more but it is closing time. I am running home for some quick dinner and then back for class.

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