Friday, December 07, 2007

Vegas here we come

I finished sewing together my Hip to be Square yesterday afternoon. The picture is really bad but I wanted to brag about finishing another project. I will take better pictures at home where the lighting is brighter. The last time I took my picture like this I was criticized for not smiling-I have to concentrate on keeping my hand still so the picture doesn't come out fuzzy.

This is the Leaf Poncho jacket from Simply Shetland 4. It is designed by Nicky Epstein-the flower closures give her away. I am knitting it out of Tahki Donegal Tweed-colour 853 purple. I will be changing the sleeves-I think they are much too narrow. I also might do them in the pattern from the body with the scallops at the wrists. The side seams are not sewn up either but I will sew them and make it a jacket.

Beth and I are off to Vegas early Sunday morning. We are staying at the Mirage. It is one of our favourite hotels but we haven't stayed there in years. No shows are planned for this trip-it is for relaxing. HA! Who am I kidding-no one relaxes in Vegas!!


Anonymous said...

ooohhh I love that poncho.
Next self-portrait I'm expecting a smile!!

Have a good trip!

Rhonda said...

I love the colour of that hip sweater. Do you think you'll finish that second sock in Vegas.

nadine said...

in Vegas ! wow, we're practically Neighbours for a few days. I'll wave at you here, from San Francisco.

Have a terrific time.

Samantha said...

Smile or no smile, I'm just really excited that you actually posted a picture of yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Excellent job, but I expect no less from you! Love that shawl pin... I gotta get me one of those.