Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally some knitting to report

Here is the start of my Leaf Poncho Jacket. Now that the border is done and I don't have to keep track of rows the knitting is going much faster.

I love the colour of purple and the flecks are great. This picture is close to the actual colour of yarn-that doesn't happen very often.
Roko and Melo are playing together at the warehouse. They love to fight and roll around in the snow. Melo doesn't need to be on a leash because he will come when called but the same can't be said for Roko. We aren't sure that Roko knows his name yet-or he thinks it is NoRoko.
This is Roko digging in the snow.

Last night my best friend from university came for dinner with her husband and two boys (aged 9 and 7). The dogs were so tired when the boys left and just wanted to sleep. They were up the stairs, down the stairs and running around the basement.

Tonight mom and dad are coming over to do Christmas. For a family that says no Christmas gifts there are a lot under the tree. They are off to Myrtle Beach on Friday morning-much better weather there than here!!

I had to stop writing for a bit because customers came in. Maria brought me a tin of homemade cookies-thank you very much. My idea of baking cookies is cutting up the store bought cookie dough and placing it on a baking sheet so homemade ones are always a treat!!


Samantha said...

Dogs in the snow are hilarious. When my dog was a puppy I'm sure she thought her name was DamnitCybil. LOL

Merry Christmas!

Your idea of baking cookies sounds an awful lot like my idea of baking cookies ...

Rhonda said...

The boys look like they're having fun. It is nice when someone else wears them out for you.