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Thursday, November 01, 2007


All I was thinking about this morning was the pumpkins and forgot a few things.

Nadine-can you give me a call? I left a message on your blog. Nadine has been a customer of mine for many years but we have only met once. I get these frantic phone calls from Montreal that she needs yarn!! I sometimes mail them and sometimes her mom picks them up. Last week I got a nice surprise in the mail-a get well card from Nadine. Thank you very much.
She is moving in less than two weeks to San Francisco. I love the city-maybe I can deliver yarn to her!!

Today's Ravelry
385 people are ahead of you in line
I guess I need to find a name for myself. It appears the invite might be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

good idea to start thinking up your name now, i just chose whatever and you can't change it.

nadine said...

Now - isn't that the BEST idea for you to come to San Francisco !?
Yarn Delivery.

That would be terrific !

nadine said...

Tic, tic, tic.
House will be all packed up a week from now. hope we get travel papers soon !