Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home Show

I had the best intentions to be on the road by 10am yesterday, heading to the home show in Toronto. I went into the store to say hi to Sarah and there were customers that I needed to help. I finally made it into the truck, backing out of my parking spot when another customer came in that I needed to talk with. Back into the store and finally on my way by noon. DO NOT GO TO THE HOME SHOW ON SATURDAY. When I arrived at the Direct Energy Centre (on the CNE grounds for those who aren't familiar with the name) there were no parking spots. I ended up driving around for half an hour and then parking at Ontario Place.

The home show was huge but wasn't what I thought it would be. There were about four booths with kitchen appliances and you couldn't get near them. Many of the booths were hardwood flooring and granite counter tops. We have to get these from our builder so there was no use picking something at the show. If you need a garage door, windows, air conditioner or hot tub there are many booths displaying these. If you are renovating your house, the show will give you lots of great ideas. What I really needed was a home decor show that gave me colour and decorating ideas.

I sent out an email newsletter yesterday about some yarn that we will have on sale starting on Tuesday. These include in stock yarn of
  • Rowan Big Wool
  • Rowan All Seasons Cotton
  • Rowan Biggy Print
  • Rowan Cotton Braid
  • Rowan Cotton Rope
  • Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
  • Rowan Yorkshire Chunky Tweed
  • Rowan Yorkshire Aran Tweed
  • Needful yarns Kelly and Kim

If you didn't get the email, send an email to me ( and I will forward to you. Most of these are priced at 50% off.

I'm off to watch The Amazing Race and then The Apprentice. I really miss Rob and Amber!!!

Kristin-we're anxiously waiting for news.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing yet!! We were thinking about the home show but I didn't think I would be able to handle the crowds. I guess good thing we stayed home.